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Show Instance toolbar allowing quick switch between Scopes / Update sets

Kunal Khatri
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The Ask ?

Enable Instance Toolbar which allows you to quickly switch between Application Scopes or Update Sets


Enable the toolbar by creating a new sys_properties which enables this hidden gem of a feature.

Let’s start

  1. Goto sys_properties.list page and look for this property glide.ui.next_experience.instance_tools_disabled
  2. If it exists change the value to false
  3. If it doesn’t exists, create a new one setting its value to false

creating a new sys_property for enabling instance tools

  1. Once that is done, simply refresh the browser and you should be able to see instance toolbar button on the header. Click on it to show the instance tool bar. highlighting button to show instance toolbar

You can also download the xml update set for all above steps from my github repo

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